"ESG"Solar power


ESG also specialized in the solar energy solutions.


Our task is to contribute the production of the renewable and

environment friendly energy and to make it through the introduction of the innovative and highly effective projects in the field of autonomous power supply.


The company specializes in the development of complex projects for the construction of photovoltaic power plants.

We offer our customers comprehensive solutions, i.e.:

      - the consultation,

      - the planning,

      - the construction,

      - the operation,

      - the technical service.


"Ecological Solutions" uses only products with the certificate IEC and TÜV.


Our engineers provide customers with their own drafts for individual circumstances, especially when it comes to the construction in the technical-difficult areas (for example: rocky or stony ground, forests and wetlands) and to unfavorable climate conditions, where it is not suitable for typical solutions or these solutions lead to the unjustified financial costs.

Presentation-Solar energy from ESG
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