Industrial cooling


"Ecological Solutions" offers its customers the projects of construction and operation of objects of industrial cooling with the use of the most modern technologies, for example, shock freezing, inert gases, etc.

The company develops in three directions in this area:

Presentation "Industrial cold" (general technical information and Price)
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Construction of refrigerated and frozen storages, the fruit and vegetable storages.


We plan and build turnkey objects.

There are complex services for projects of the  industrial cooling.

 Our tasks: consulting, draft, construction,

installation of equipment, commissioning,

technical service.

Presentation "Industrial cold storage"
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Supply and installation of mobile refrigeration and freezer rooms.


We supply and install the production of the leading world manufacturers for indoor installation and the special cooling and freezer rooms own development for the outdoor open-air installation.


One of the main areas of our work is the construction of refrigerated and frozen storages with the use of modular and mobile refrigeration and freezer rooms.

Modular & Small Cold Rooms(General technical information and Price)
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Frame Cold Rooms based on ROD system
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Frame Cold Rooms(General technical information and Price)
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Supply and installation of industrial and residential air conditioning / ventilation systems.


The company offers the following services: 

reconstruction of the before existing air conditioning and ventilation systems;

supply and installation of the new equipment i.e. fully or partially individual elements;

technical service.

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