"Environmental Solutions" group of construction companies (association)


About Us

     The group of companies "Ecological Solutions"

was established to offer customers the ability turnkey projects in various fields of industry, agriculture, the processing and storage of different types of products, trade and services, the industrial and civil construction.

      ESG allows complex engineering in the realization of the projects, for example, construction of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

      We do the turnkey complex work, for example:

 - concept development,

 - the planning,

 - the construction,

 - the installation of technical systems and components,

 - commissioning.

For over 10 years the companies of the ESG are reliable and stable partner.

Our services: Engineering; construction of turnkey industrial, agricultural and public buildings with the application of the modern technologies of steel frame construction; reconstruction of industrial, agricultural, public and residential buildings in accordance with the modern European standards of energy efficiency; construction of the turnkey systems of sewerage, water supply, power supply, heating and ventilation; construction of the turnkey solar power plants.

      We have dedicated team of engineers, architects and planners as well as the cooperation with the leading european manufacturers.

      Our experts have extensive experience in the construction of commercial and residential properties, the industrial objects, agricultural objects of dairy and meat industry, the properties of the food and processing industry, and also in the eco-friendly energy.

Our international team consists of highly qualified employees with specialized training and extensive experience in the various fields.

Учасники асоціації


Limited Liability Company "GlobalFrost"

c. Kyiv, Ukraine. st. Lugova 13


Limited Liability Company "Agrotechnvest"

c. Chernigov,Ukraine, st. Shchorsa 112


Hohendodeleber Strasse 4 Magdeburg Germany


Limited Liability Company

TPK "Bolero-Service"

c. Kiev, Ukraine, st. Avenue P.Grigorenko 26A

Limited Liability Company "BUDZHENERIYA"

c. Kyiv, Ukraine, Avenue. Palladin 34


Limited Liability Company


c. Kiev, Ukraine, ct. Pivnichno Syrezka-3 


 Firm "VAN BAU" Marsz. Jozefa Pilsudskiego74/320 50-020 Wroclaw Dolnoslaskie Poland  

Limited Liability Company "Metallspetsbud",

c. Kiev, Ukraine, st. Pryrichna, 13


Провідні фахівці

Karand Alex

Director of TPK "Bolero-Service" Ltd

Electrical engineer

Doroshenko Igor

General Director of "Agrotechinvest" Ltd.

Engineer Mechanic


Lytaunyeks Director Juris firms "DORLIT" Physicist


Chuvakhin Alexey

General Director of

Global Frost Ltd

Refrigeration engineer


Brigan Andrew is the director

Firms "VAN BAU"

Engineer Builder

Scarabovichyuk Sergey

Director of "BK PLANTO SOLAR" Ltd

Electronic Engineer 


Nikolay Yakimenko

Deputy Director of  "BUDGINZHENERIYA" Ltd

Economist MBA 

Kreschenko Igor


"Metallspetsbud" Ltd 

Engineer Builder

Excerpt from the Association Statute
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